A 2015 Review

As I’m trying to write this article, I’m realizing that a lot happened in 2015, much more than I originally thought.

In January, my mom did the Celebration Half Marathon in Florida.  We made a Disney vacation out of it with a great deal through Disney’s education program.  Our aunt and cousin came as well.

Everest Gang

We had lunch/dinner at Tusker House in about a half hour when the above picture was taken. Lex, Anjalena, our cousin, and I hurried to Expedition Everest.  We waited in line (took a selfie), rode it, then rode it again with Fastpasses!  And we were only a tiny bit late to Tusker House!

Lady Tremaine

We got to Magic Kingdom at opening.  Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother were talking and hanging out with us as we walked to the carousel.  After riding, they went to their regular spot, and we waited in a normal line to take a picture with them.  It was magical!

Seven Dawrfs' Mine Train Selfie

Not all eight of us like roller coasters, but all eight of us tried Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train.  This is Mom and Lex trying to take a selfie as the train begins to go downhill.

Also in January, I began my first college courses at our community college and my parents bought me my first laptop!  Mom and I read Unbroken, the story of Louie Zamperini.  It was a GREAT book!  I highly recommend it*.

In February, we drove down to Florida again for the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend!  Yes, that winter we went to Florida every month.  We didn’t go to any of the parks, but we still had a blast!  Alli, Lex, Ana, & Papi ran the 5k.  Mom did something called the Glass slipper Challenge.  So the day before the half, she ran the Enchanted 10k (with me!) as well.

10k Finish
After the 10k

While we were down there, we drove over to Merritt Island to visit Teen Missions Int’l headquarters, where I would train for the trip that summer.  A nice employee (who ended up leading a preteen team to Trinidad) gave us a little tour and we met Bob Bland, the founder.  It was great!

Visiting TMI
I was NOT wearing a jacket in July!

March presented Pilgrim, a musical theatre production based on John Bunyan’s classic Pilgrim’s Progress.  I showed up to help out for the final two weeks, and I fell in love with the cast, theatre in general, helping backstage, and Charlotte Christian Theatre Company.  Little did I know that I’d be called the Prop Ninja, and now as an intern with them, known as the Backstage Badger.  My sister Ana played Hopeful, and Lex joined backstage helping with costumes.

CCT's Pilgrim 108
Ana is in the gray vest wearing glasses on the right

In April, I was a production assistant (a fancy term for the person who does whatever odd jobs a set may require) for Upward Sports‘ “The Big Story”.  It’s a small evangelical DVD Upward gives out to participants every year.  While on set, I met Jason Burkey, mostly known as the best friend character of the same name in the movie October Baby!

I also went to Carowinds, a local amusement park for the first time.  I went the fastest I’ve ever been before (on land): 90 mph on the Fury!

Charlotte Christian Theatre’s 8-12 year olds class put on Pinocchio at the beginning of May.  All three of us older girls helped out.  I did the lights for all three shows!

The Run Wild 5k was another success!  Getting up at 5am, delivering ice, setting up tents, giving out temporary tattoos, all of it is so fun for me!

I finished reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time in May.  It was epic.  I was quite bitter at the ending, but I’ve since come to peace with it. 🙂

My aunt took Ana, Lex, and I to the beach in June.  We had a lot of fun!  It was a great getaway before the biggest trip of my life…

On June 27, I arrived at The Lord’s Boot Camp to train for Guatemala!

TMI 2015 026

I think I’ll just sum up July with a slideshow:



August and September were awesome, but really tough.  I came back from my trip and started a full college semester.  I tried to maintain two internships, and I got my first job.

In October, I brought myself down to a normal busy (rather than the crazy busy).  I visited my best friend in upstate New York and had my 17th birthday the next weekend!


Watching the sunset

November was full of tough school assignments and learning to “bloom where I’m planted”.  I saw The Phantom of the Opera for the first time!

December has been fantastic!  A cousin got hitched on my parents’ 18th wedding anniversary.  We went on a Disney cruise aboard the Dream.  It was so much fun!


And I saw STAR WARS VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS!!!!!!!!  Star Wars pretty much runs in my family.

Christmas was wonderful, of course.  It’s rather unsettling that it’s my last Christmas as a high school student and legal minor.  But I know that whatever next year is, I will make it fantastic.



*I do NOT recommend it for kids and sensitive teens.  The book tells the true story, which is very violent.



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