Eragon Book Review


  • Star Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Kids: Yes, if their reading comprehension can take on this length
  • Do I recommend it? Yes, but I haven’t read the rest of the series yet.

**Update: I have continued to read the series, and I do not recommend the series as a whole.  The books go steadily, but drastically, downhill from here.**

Part I:  for y’all who have yet to read it

My sister Ana (my twin-not-twin) had read Eragon a few weeks before, and she was hooked.  So I finally I had to pick it up myself.

I, too, was hooked.  All of my free time went into finding out what happened next.  The ending was satisfactory (I can’t say anything more here), and I still wanted to read the next one (Eldest).

Now, I did not like the way the love interest was handled.  When I found out that Eragon was written by a teenage guy, Christopher Paolini, I was shocked.  The story is fantastic; I expected it to come from a old guy (just being honest).  However, when it came to the “love interest”, the author’s youth made sense.  Not only was the “love” not true love, but I don’t think that it’s good enough to be compared with chick flicks’ idea of love.

Paolini was obviously inspired by Tolkien.  The way the different races (dwarf, elf, etc.), the land, and the history are portrayed screams The Lord of the Rings.  Yet, Paolini writes like any modern author.  Eragon isn’t like The Lord of the Rings, don’t get me wrong, I just see the inspiration (Aragorn > Eragon).  Eragon is fast-paced and travels deep into the main character’s thoughts just like any modern novel.

Part II:  Some random analyses, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! 

Saphira is my favorite.  I loved getting to know the dragon.  She is fantastic.  I thought it was rather obvious that she would get to breathe fire during the climax, but it was cool nonetheless, with the Isidar Mithrim shattering and all.  I loved watching her and Eragon’s relationship grow.

I also really like Eragon’s family.  He’s an orphan, but he doesn’t live a rotten life like Annie or the like.  Garrow and Roran are rather normal.  They have great strengths along with faults.

Whenever a major character dies, I analyze the death to see how it contributed to the story.  I’ve found that many authors kill characters because they think they should or because they enjoy it.  Garrow’s death was done well.  His death really added to the plot and kept the story moving.  Without his death, there’d been no need to revenge it and go after the Ra’zac with Brom.  Paolini made a good choice, even though killing parents is becoming rather cliché.

Murtagh was an interesting character.  I had a lot of trouble understanding him.  As I’m reading through the rest of the Inheritance cycle, Murtagh grows even more interesting and I’m figuring out how he works.

As Ana originally pointed out to me, Eragon loses consciousness a lot.  It’s a bit annoying, but I don’t see much of a way around it.  Any ideas (answer in the comments)?  It’s about as annoying as the first couple of Harry Potter books.

What did you think of Eragon?  Answer in the comments!  Please don’t release spoilers without warning.


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