Our Thanksgiving 2015

I have an uncountable number of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.   have this many things to be grateful for every year, but I really noticed it this time.  This Thanksgiving I’ve been so content. I’ve always been relatively content, but really, it was only in an innocence-of-childhood way.

This year I dealt with discontentment and sadness (I even fell into a minor depression) in a way I never had before.  The old saying may seem cliché, but it’s true: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Many of the things movies and books portray as feelings are choices.
Love is a choice.
Joy is a choice.
Contentment is a choice.

I learned the secret to being content, and the trials of this year have made me a better person.  I’m only 17, so there’s a lot more to learn, and a lot more challenges to overcome.  I hope that when the obstacles come, I’ll welcome them, remembering how much stronger I’ll be when they’re through.

This is how my family’s Thanksgiving went.

This was the first year I drove Papi (Spanish for ‘daddy’) to go buy the day’s newspaper.  I even parked between the lines in front of the gas station!  (It’s not uncommon for me to take up two spaces with the small car.)  After I drove us back home, I made this cute Thanksgiving-y breakfast treat I found on Pinterest!

Turkey food

It’s a turkey!  The bacon is the feathers!  It’s so cute!  My little turkey may not be as good as the perfect Pinterest one, but I made it and I like it.

We watched most of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on the Today Show, as we do every year, while Mom finished up the green bean casserole.  At around 11, we hopped into the Pickle (our nine-seater van) and drove up near High Point, North Carolina, to my Grandmother’s house.

All of Mom’s siblings made it this year, and there were a couple of new faces too.  The meal was wonderful.  The number of desserts nearly matched the number of meat and side dishes!

After eating, the kids, which consisted of my sisters, me, and our two-year-old second-cousin, went out to play in Grandmother’s front yard.  Our uncle had cleaned up the leaves the day before, else we’d have raked them up.  So this year, the older girls and I played “Big Boss” and some other improv games (our favorite!).  Soon we included the littles, and we ended the afternoon playing “kung-fu”, also known as “ninja”.  I won once!

The drive home signifies the official beginning of the Christmas season for our family.  Alex and Anjalena requested “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, Home Free’s version, to be the first Christmas song we played.

When we arrived at home, Mom and Papi went through more of the Black Friday ads, the girls went off to play, and I read my book.  It was a great Thanksgiving.  I’m excited to see what new things I’ll be thankful for next year.

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. -Ps. 69:30


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