On a Baking Whim

I’m not much of a baker, but sometimes, I go on a baking whim.  It’ll be a random moment of the day, and I’ll desire to make something new.  Most of the time I check to see if all of the ingredients are in the pantry.  Other times the urge to bake will be too strong and reckless.

My parents were out and I was in charge.  The teens were upstairs and the littles were watching a movie.

Our Publix often gives coupons for a free item of the week.  That week my dad had redeemed a box of the store-brand Cheerios, called “Toasted Oats”.

Staring at me that night from the pantry was a recipe on the side of the new cereal box.  The Toasted Oats “Frosted Raisin Squares” called my name. “Aaaaaabigail… Aaaaaaabigail…”

I grabbed Alli (the nine year old) off the couch and we began baking.


We assumed “line the baking pan with butter” meant rubbing butter all in it.


Crushing the Toasted Oats in a Zip-loc bag with a wooden spoon was so fun, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.  We took turns with Alex and Anjalena.



We had plain measuring cups, but those aren’t as fun as our Mickey Mouse cups!


The recipe called for a cup of raisins.  We checked the pantry and only found two small boxes.  Oh well!  This is why you should check to see if you have all the ingredients BEFORE beginning to bake.


Looking good so far!


We made quite the little mess, but we didn’t mind cleaning it up!  Alli and I had so much fun!  The squares turned out delicious!  I should have taken a picture of the final product, but we were too busy eating them!


One thought on “On a Baking Whim

  1. Ooh. Looks delicious. We are doing this thing where we have to budget, plan and make a meal. Yesterday I made dinner and everything turned out well. Tell y ou about it later.
    Love ya,


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