Cinderella (2015) Movie Review

  • My star rating: 4 of 5
  • Kids? Yes, but be aware of the romance and the deaths.
  • Do I recommend it? Yeah, pretty much.

Part I: The short answer for those who have not seen it

Cinderella is yet another shot at this classic fairytale.  I liked it, not as a replacement of the classic Cinderella of 1950, just as a separate movie of its own.

Screenshot (11)

It was a very appropriate for kids kissing-wise.  I wish that Cinderella’s dress wasn’t so revealing with the collar.  The only other modesty issue was the stepsisters’ collars of their fancy chemises in one scene.  The chemises were relatively covering, hardly worth mentioning, honestly.  While talking about issues you might have with kids watching, let’s bring up deaths of the film.  There was hope and healing after each one, but the deaths can still be really sad.

It’s worth watching, especially with a little sister to snuggle up with.  The characters of the classic story were expanded which made it interesting for me.  To see what I did not like, come back after you’ve watched the movie and read Part II.

Part II: A peek into my analysis of the movie

First off, Cinderella’s gown was GORGEOUS (even though it wasn’t anything like Ella’s mom’s dress as she requested).  Fantastic job, costume department.  It owned every scene it was in marvelously.  The blue was nearly a character of its own.  It was so bold, yet seems ever-changing.

Screenshot (12)
See what I said about owning the scene?

I liked the wardrobe of the film overall.  My sister did not like it because it seemed to jump too many time periods.  I liked that aspect because the movie did not take place in a particular historical period.  It was timeless, like other original fairytales Disney has animated.

About the prince, called Kit: He’s not charming in my opinion, but he’s handsome and stupid-fairytale-prince-like.  Kit’s not much like the prince of Disney’s original, but Disney’s original wasn’t much of a character until the low-budget sequels anyway.

The “love” was perfect for a fairytale, but not anywhere close to a model we should follow.  Kit was ready to marry Ella before he knew who she really was.  When he did find out – OH! – that was such a sweet moment!  He accepted her without hesitation!  So enjoy watching the romantic “love”, but keep it there.  Don’t apply it to your daydreams of Mr. Right.

“What do they call you?”

Lady Tremaine was awesome.  I couldn’t picture Galadriel (also Cate Blanchett) as the shallow and evil stepmother.  You know why?  Because she isn’t!  Lady Tremaine was a character with depth and a story of her own I’d like to know more of.

Screenshot (14)

That face.
That face.

The deaths of all the kind parents were necessary to the story, but I wish there was another way around them.  There were too many sad deaths for a movie that has kids as a major part of the target audience.  The only advantage to that many deaths was the sweet connection at the end of the film with Kit and Ella.  That’s it.  There were too many tears for me to justify it.

Screenshot (26)

One last negative thing for this article: Fairy Godmother.  I was into her introduction as the hag, but after that grew only dislike.  I particularly hated her eye make-up with her fantastic white dress.  The pumpkin/greenhouse into the coach transformation was fun, but not enough to make up for her character.  Considering she’d been following Cinderella around for 16 or so years, she was a tad too arrogant for her ignorance of magic.

Screenshot (19)

This picture says it all.
This picture says it all.

Oh, and one more thing.  Shout out to this guy who doesn’t have a name.  You’re new, but you’re nice.  We like you.

Screenshot (23) Screenshot (22)

That’s all I’ll share for now.  What do you think of the new Cinderella?  Who are your favorite characters and why?

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