I Am the Guinea Pig: Tales of Being the Oldest Child

My parents always called me the guinea pig.  Think about the way guinea pigs are used to test things out first (e.g. makeup).  Got that picture in your head?  Good, because that’s me, minus the cuteness.

I was seven and a half years old when I got my ears pierced.  My parents took me to Claire’s and this young employee pierced my ears one at a time.  I was a pretty tough kid, so the piercing of one didn’t cause enough pain to make me not want to get the other one done, but it was close.  Later that day we realized she put the earrings in way too tight.  My dad had to use pliers to loosen them enough to twist them like you’re supposed to do to new piercings.

My other sisters’ ears were pierced at the same time, not too tight.  You’re welcome.

I was in seventh grade when I took pre-algebra.  I was homeschooled, so the instructor remained the same throughout the years, but the curriculum did not.  I used Saxon Math for pre-algebra, which was the first time we’d ever used that curriculum.  Saxon can be a fantastic source for some kids and their way of learning… but not for me.  My brain couldn’t handle all the x’s, y’s, and a’s, especially the way Saxon taught me.

My sisters used A Beka for pre-algebra and the algebras following.  You’re welcome.

I was sixteen when I started some dual-enrollment courses at our community college.  The test to get in was tough.  I relearned algebra II in two weeks to prep for it.  I made it in, and now I know the best (and not-so-great) instructors for certain classes.

My sisters will take a couple months to slowly soak up the information needed to pass the entrance test.  They’ll be able to sign up for classes with my favorite instructors.  You’re welcome.

When the latest Disney Wii game was opened up on Christmas morning, I was the first to play it.  My sisters may not have gotten to play until after lunch.  You’re welcome. 🙂I Am the Guinea Pig @ Unreached by the Frost

Photo cred: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pictographic/5990917604/in/photolist-a8p25Q-haVocF-a8mbBF-85ZLNf-8f5kuW-8odnH7-4RKmoE-sFkSuX-AkGXC-cZwMYj-7S8jTh-2m1aV-7WC5fW-7S8jF9-7S9DZG-7S8k4d-7S8jPu-7S8jJC-2VFGV-84rSAb-a8p2yQ-4n9WiC-a8m8uV-a8p1sm-6bpeWZ-7Socr6-7SruiJ-7Srtdh-7SocDM-7SrtmA-7Soc3k-7SrsW1-8jzX17-ckuP7b-d6uUko-nuqyzZ-7Soc8Z-9q8HBR-2TbLZo-oTP1Eg-2TbJau-d89Xid-siac6e-8XpsTm-4zksGj-5Yb1Ko-A7jNg-4zgd4a-4zkrDS-4zkteW/


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