Deep Roots

All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

-J.R. Tolkien in Book 1 of The Lord of the Rings

This is the first half of a small poem written about Aragorn, heir of Isildor and rightful king of Gondor.  I’m not even close to being as epic as that, but I like to apply this poem to me.

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

I have deep roots.  I have been raised in a safe home with both of my parents loving the Lord.  I’ve always had a supportive community.  I’ve even lived in the same area all my life (those two months in Tampa, FL, don’t count).  I’ve been homeschooled.  My sisters have always been there for me.

The moment I was born, the seed in my heart was ready to grow.   My upbringing was the perfect little garden for it.  I’m still not completely sure what the plant is above the surface, but its roots are huge, entangled, and deep.

My parents watered that garden.  Mentors and others of the community helped fertilize it, and keep it healthy.  My friends and peers grew along with me, each of us affecting the other.

My roots tell stories of laughing with my sisters until midnight, of singing with them everyday.  There are stories of God’s promises being fulfilled and the long waiting in the meantime.  My roots built my conscience.  They tell me it’s okay to be vulnerable and to tell the stories because of the way my parents did.

When winter comes (and, boy, do I hate winter), the roots will endure unaffected.  The trials, hard times, mountains, they will come.  Jesus Himself said it wouldn’t be easy.  John 16:33b: In this world you will have trouble.  I will make it through.  But take heart, I have overcome the world.  My plant will adapt and change, but the roots, the heart, remain deep underground.

You’re reading a blog titled Unreached by the Frost for many reasons, one of them being that this new blogger’s roots are unreachable by the frost.

Do you have roots?  How deep are they?  Who/what watered your garden?  Answer in the comments!

Deep Roots @ Unreached by the Frost

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